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    You can create (JOBS) from the bottom up  Finding the needs around us and understand the income it will create.
    This is a blueprint to create thousands of Jobs in Manufacturing & Services


    Business Entrepreneurial Succession & Credibility for Jobs
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    #1 This is a network of retired innovators that become your mentors:

    #2 A common sense approach for todayís generation to create income:

    #3 Innovators as birds of a feather will maintain and create a network in needs:

    #4 Distribution is created within every state and country on the internet:

    #5 Intellectual property protection and oversight can be protected within our network:

    #6 Knowledge is passed down with mentors to create new opportunities:

    #7 Word of mouth credibility & trust are creators of network distribution:

    #8 This is pure capitalism created within a percentage of profits sharing network:

    #9 You will learn from past generations showing factory workers and management.
         Knowledge from 40ís 50ís 60ís as a reference from the past:

    This is a brief description of benefits. Please read all the information:

    In order to understand my concept of CEO/franchisees:
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    Entrepreneurial Needs Distribution Network

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    Rockers Made to Order in Conn.
    Custom Built and Adjusted for Individual Needs

    The author's accomplishment as a factory middle class worker.

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